Thursday, September 1, 2016

Companies Want to Pay You for Trying Their Products and Services

Big time companies need you!!!! Direct TV, Disney, and Target just to name a few. These companies are trying to grow their customer base and are looking for people to try some of their products and services for free for a limited time. They feel that these trial customers can become long term customers. Where do you come in? They need help finding customers who are willing to try some of their products and services for free for a limited time.

Do you think you could convince someone to try out Direct TV for a month for free? How about a one month free trial membership at Nutrisystem or Beach Body? Of course you can. Who isn't looking to lower their cable bills for a month or get into great shape.


Think about that, I bet you have five friends off the top of your head right now who would love to try out these companies. That is $300 in your pocket paid to you via Paypal or a check mailed to your house if you prefer.

Think about the possibilities. Look at all your Facebook friends, how many of them do you think would love to try out these offers? Every one of your Facebook friends could be worth $60 to you.

I can't think of an easier way to generate income while convincing people to try something they will be excited about.

Does it sound too good to be true? Ok, you got me. I left off some parts. The $60 is the normal pay but every month there are special promotions where you will make bonus money for each person you get to try out some of these companies. You will also have the choice of being compensated with prizes instead of cash. We are talking X-Box Game systems, Iphone and IPads.

Are you ready to get started?

Here are the steps you need to take:

1) Sign up

2) Look through all the free trial offers from companies and pick a few that you like. Each free offer has a "credit value". You need to try enough free offers so that your credit value equals 1.00.

 For example, I tried out Identity Guard which was .25 credits along with trying out the Doubleday Book Club which was also .25 credits, got tips on improving my credit score with SmartCredit which was .25 credit and then tried out a trial membership for Beach Body for my last .25 credits.

3) Once you have signed up for enough free offers to get your 1.00 credit, it now time to tell your friends about it. Every one of your friends that tries out these offers will earn you $60. It is just that easy.

4) Enjoy your free trial offers from these great companies. New offers pop up daily. After your trial period ends you can continue as a customer or you can cancel and pay nothing. Give each company a fair chance though to earn your business. I have continued with my Beach Body membership but canceled the others when the free trial ended.

Are you really ready to make some money?

Here is your chance.

Click on this link to sign up and start your journey. Good luck and don't hesitate to ask questions on the other side.

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